Recent Cases

Nicholas B. Hall has won millions for clients in personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits. Below are some select verdicts and settlements.

Puppe v Puppe

Successful litigation and District Court verdict in lawsuit challenging decedents' Last Will and Testament. Pembina County District Court No. 34-2414-PR-50.

L.O. and D.H. v. Great West Insurance
Clients suffered back and neck injuries riding in a pickup truck when struck by a semi-truck which went through a stop sign at highway speed. High six figure confidential settlement.

Sally Smith v. John Doe
Wrongful death claim for 15 year old girl killed in ATV/pickup collision. Insurance limits recovered.

Jane Smith v. Acme Co.
Woman suffered serious injury operating machinery. Significant confidential settlement.

Salazar v. Beet Farmer
Farm laborer sustained a serious leg injury from malfunctioning auger. Substantial confidential settlement.

Kobetsky v. Allstate
Woman received facial injuries after being thrown from a horse. Claim against horse owner. Settled for $76,000.

John Doe v. Mary Smith
35 year old male suffered lumbar injuries in motor vehicle collision. $115,000 settlement.

Bornsen v. Progotrade, LLC, et al.
Supreme Court petition for expanded interpretation of North Dakota product liability statutes. Petition defeated by 3 to 2 decision. 2011 ND 183

Minor Child v. Farmers Union Insurance
Maximum insurance limits of $250,000 recovered in a case of child suffering moderate brain injury in automobile collision.

Estate of T.K. v. Hotel Corporation
Confidential settlement reached with hotel corporation and college fraternity for wrongful death of pedestrian by intoxicated driver. Previous settlements obtained from driver’s liability insurer for insurance limits.

Stebbins v. Nursing Home
Elderly nursing home resident suffered fractured leg when her attended wheelchair went out of control and tipped. The fracture was a contributing cause to her death several months later. $215,000 settlement.

Alison v. Smith Farms
Laborer suffered fractures to ribs and vertebra, and significant hip injury in collision involving employer’s vehicle. $150,000 settlement.

Hjeldness v. Jones
Young man in auto suffered severe disc herniation and chronic pain with significant loss of income. $180,000 mediated settlement.

Jane Doe v. John Smith
ATV injury to leg of 14 year old girl under grandparent supervision. Liability contested. Mediated settlement for $100,000.

Jane Doe v. Mary Smith
10 year old girl attacked by neighbor dog, resulting in significant arm lacerations and mouth injury. $72,000 settlement.

Jane Doe v. Beet truck
Minor girl injured in collision with beet truck, loss of kidney. Total recovery $140,000.

Cameron v. Reilly
Pembina County trial regarding farm lease dispute. Verdict for lessee. Legal holiday is not calculated in determining lateness of payment.

Riemers v. Mahar
Client submitted letter to editor criticizing initiated measures regarding North Dakota family law issues. Plaintiff sued client for defamation. Court determined protected speech and no defamation. See appeal to North Dakota Supreme Court 2008 ND 95

Beaver v. Lamb
Injury settlement for motor vehicle accident. Plaintiff suffered fractured hip. Recovery of policy limits of $100,000.

Estate of Mary Smith v. Ag. Mfr. Co.
Wrongful death settlement. Woman killed when pulled into farm equipment. Terms of settlement confidential.

John Doe v. BNSF
Injury settlement. Eight year old boy lost leg below knee attempting to ride on railroad car. Terms of settlement confidential.

Estate of Jane Doe v. Multiple
$1,950,000 awarded through settlement with various defendants. Additional claims are pending. 40 year old wife and mother killed in collision with truck which went through stop sign.

Hunt v. Banner Health
Summary Judgment by Trial Court reversed. Resident care attendant at nursing home may proceed with action for wrongful termination. See appeal to North Dakota Supreme Court at 720 NW2d 49

John Doe v. John Smith
Paint ball eye injury to juvenile boy. Claim based on lack of supervision by adult host. Settlement $130,000

Magenau v. Transystems
Jury verdict, Pembina County , 17 year old driver rolled vehicle at beet dump site. Defendant’s trucks had brought snow and slush onto highway. Compression fractures of back and continuing pain. Verdict of $343,000 with interest of $55,000. Final Judgment reduced by 32% attributing fault to plaintiff and State.

Estate of Jane Doe
Wrongful death settlement. Wife and mother was killed with a child in head on collision. Settlement: confidential terms. Substantial award of insurance limits. Money placed into structured settlements so that all survivors will receive payments into future years nearly doubling the original settlement.

Ziegler v. Dahl
Summary Judgment, Ramsey County . Plaintiffs sued Defendants over alleged partnership termination seeking substantial damages. Defendants granted Summary Judgment. See appeal to North Dakota Supreme Court at 691 NW2d 271.

Jane Doe v. Smith Farms
Injury settlement. 44 year old female re-injured back when struck in her vehicle by truck carrying combine on narrow bridge. Settlement $175,000.

Estate of John Doe
Wrongful death settlement. 81 year old retired farmer killed by trucker when making left turn off highway. Settlement $156,000.

Villegas v. Anderson
Female rear ended on highway by man who had fallen asleep at wheel. Soft tissue back injury. Settlement $97,500.

Hills, Inc. v. Schwarz
Jury verdict, Mercer County . Verdict for Plaintiff implement dealer against farmer in dispute over warranty on potato harvester. Verdict $71,000 with interest.

Jane Doe v. John Smith
Teenage girl suffered injuries and moderate brain damage in head on collision with car attempting to pass in traffic.

Settlement $250,000, insurance limits.

Dundee Insurance v. Marifjeren Farms
Summary Judgment, Walsh County . Insurance company refused to pay claim for lost potatoes in storage thru frost after blizzard Hannah knocked out electricity. Summary Judgment $110,464. See appeal to North Dakota Supreme Court at 587 NW2d 191.

Jane Doe v. John Smith
Woman suffered facial fractures and moderate brain injury in collision with stalled truck in her lane at night. Settlement $375,000 with guaranteed payments for life.

Lowe v. Clinic and Hospital
Medical malpractice settlement. Retired physician had brain injury resulting from surgery and after care. Settlement $150,000.

Thompson v. Danner
Court trial. Grand Forks County farmers in alleged partnership or joint venture sued each other and bank over crop proceeds. Court found bank security interest prevailed. Court awarded $408,300. See appeal to North Dakota Supreme Court at 507 NW2d 550.