What To Do After An Accident

If you have been involved in a collision which is the fault of the other party, you should immediately begin taking the following steps to protect your claim:

  1. Call the police
    You must always call the police in order for a Crash Report to be generated. Even if there seem to be only minor strains or injuries, they could become much more serious. Insurance companies and juries will not take your case seriously if nobody called the police to investigate.
  2. Obtain the necessary contact information and insurance information from the other driver
    Make careful notes immediately after as to any conversations between you and the other driver at the scene, in the police car, or with the police officer.
  3. You must notify your own insurance company as soon as possible
    This will begin the process of making you eligible for personal injury protection benefits to pay for medical expenses and lost time at work during your recovery.
  4. Contact a lawyer
    You should, as soon as possible, obtain advice as to how you should proceed following the collision. In no event should you give a statement to an insurance adjuster for the other driver without contacting a lawyer first.
  5. Visit your doctor
    Once you've seen a physician and a course of physical therapy or other treatment has been prescribed, it is extremely important that you keep every appointment even if you feel it is unnecessary. It will be very valuable evidence later as to whether you fully complied with all of the medical treatment recommendations. You should not discuss a legal claim with treatment providers.
  6. Keep detailed records
    A journal should be kept on a daily basis as to how you were feeling and dealing with pain and limitations. Also, include notes regarding your treatments and physician visits. This information can be very valuable when your claim is presented. You should never refer to your injuries or your condition on social media sites. You should also be careful that you do not post any pictures that could be construed to demonstrate that you did not suffer the injuries you claim.