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Should I Settle My Case or Go to Trial?

You deserve fair compensation for your injuries following any auto accident or other liability event causing damage. Most clients indicate a desire to settle the case soon rather than later. However, it is important to know that you have recovered to maximum medical improvement since there is only one chance at a recovery.

I agree with the statistics thrown around that at least 85% of injury claims are settled before trial. However, we often need to go right up to trial, with all of the preparation and expense involved, to achieve a settlement either by negotiation or with the assistance of a professional mediator.

Settlements are generally preferred in that you have eliminated the risk of a trial, or in other words throwing your case in front of 9 total strangers. But a settlement is not always possible. If the other side refuses to negotiate, or there are significant issues of liability, or of the extent of damages, a trial is often necessary.

We invite you to check out and review our RECENT CASES in which we list several verdicts and settlements we have achieved for clients, including multi-million dollar settlements for wrongful death.

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